Our Gallery

gallery_flower1Traditional floral bouquet
Pewter effect frame with a classic cream mount.

Rose heart – reds
Cream and black frame with a Beaujolais mount.

gallery_flowers4Gerbera heart – mixed
Black rustic frame with a moussaka coloured mount.

gallery_flowers4Traditional floral bouquet
Grey rustic frame with a stone coloured mount.

ff-rose-trio-arrangementRose trio arrangement – pinks
Black and silver frame with a cerise and silver coloured mount.

ff-rose-heart-mixedRose heart – mixed
Cream rustic frame with a neutral mount.

gallery_flowers7Slate hearts – pink/purple
Metal effect frame with grey coloured mount.

gallery_flowers6Candle arrangement
Arranged and displayed in a Perspex case with a central, replaceable candle.

gallery_flowers_8Rose Heart
Arranged and displayed on a mirrored base in a Perspex case.



Single Rose Candle 
Single rose candle mounted on a slate heart – £18.95 each or £35 a pair.